Retired Army. Air Force Dad! MBA 2022! Massive Saints/Pelicans fan ⚜ Drone Pilot 🤙🏾 Critical thinker 🤯. OIF/OEF veteran 🇺🇸 #dogecoin

Missouri, USA
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Bruh...whats the hold up on full legalization? We can end this pandemic on a high note. 😂 #WednesdayMotivation
Cannabis compounds prevent the virus that causes Covid-19 from penetrating healthy human cells, according to a lab study
Don't know who needed to see this, but here you go...😂 #tuesdayvibe #taxes
I look forward to all the YouTube videos breaking down the #MoonKnight trailer. 😎
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Would you help me tweet this around the world? Kindness matters But kindness does not = justice Civility counts But civility is not the humane response to injustice Justice is Love is essential But love is not a passive, weeping bystander Love puts in work. #MLKDay
For the record, got COVID last Saturday. By Wednesday, I was on the downslope of the illness. I guess all this vaccines from the Army kicked its arse...and of course, im vaxxed. 🙃😎
I would bring this up at every holiday party. I would play Remember the Time when he walks in...😂😂😂 #SundayFunday #sundayvibes
You've been hit by - you've been struck by - a smooth criminal…
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RIP BG Charles McGee. 102 years around the sun. Way to pave the way for us. Fly high, sir. Above the Best!
😂😂😂😂 #WhoDat Somebody call Ice-T and Stone Cold...tell em come get their friend. 😄😂
The NOLA airport from the top rope! 😂 #SundayFunday #aviation #WhoDatNation
NOLA means No One Likes Atlanta. #WhoDat #GoSaints
Damn...KY will need more ky...#tuesdayvibe #Republicans #Kentucky
Ky state Senator Damon Thayer says he knows the people of Kentucky are for medical marijuana but he personally isn’t for it and won’t vote for it He then says if people don’t like it they can vote for someone else He is the height of arrogance
There's been a lot of ppl defying subpoenas lately. 🤔 #mondaythoughts
This is how I hope to live my life after I leave my next job. 😂
Happy New Year from me and my boo! 🎉🥳 Wishing you all a year filled with happiness, love, and good health.
The NFL would hv a random drug test waiting on the crew from the #CNNNYE celebration...especially you @andersoncooper 😂😂😂 all dat dayum coughing.
Noooooo!!! Not Betty White!!! 2021, ya bytch you!
I know my Saints lost tonight. It's all good. But these Falcons fans need to know their place. Calm down before I call @TomBrady 😂😂
Celebrating #kwanzaa next year. Going to follow the next 6 days and make a plan for 2022's celebration. 🙂 #celebration #HappyKwanzaa #Mondayvibes
#SaintsGifts a black and gold Christmas for me! #Christmas
The @Saints seeing everyone choose Tampa Bay to win...except @drewbrees
I'm ready to spend! #SHIBARMY #DogecoinToTheMoon
GameStop going to adopt Dogecoin and Shiba Inu 🚀
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