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Today's ATH and then high print for BTC synchronized almost perfectly with NYC full moon.
Two new Space X rockets take off for space:
When MMT becomes commonly accepted as a description of how our monetary system works, watch the states insist that the federal government has a duty to bail them out due to former reckless spending.
In today's episode of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis, Flotek ($FTK) with a pre-deal market value of roughly $90MM this morning sells its chemical division to ADM for $175MM and the stock pops nearly 96%!
Efficient Market Theory in action.
This is fine.
"New video from James O'Keefe's @Project_Veritas captures @TheJusticeDept staff admitting that she does research on the home addresses & license plates of private individuals who are then targeted for protests at their homes by socialist demonstrators."…
Excellent post on why the federal government cannot guarantee jobs but can create the conditions to increase employment:…
GoFundMe raises are similar to ICOs.
Couple who raised $400,000 for homeless man allegedly spent the vast majority of it themselves
If $TSLA is really going to go private at $420, you can buy it today for a quick 25% trade. This fact alone demonstrates the market is concluding Elon can't get it done. $TSLAQ
Who needs Russians?
At @defcon hacking conference and just learned how easy it is to physically gain admin access on a voting machine that is used in 18 states. Requires no tools and takes under 2 minutes. I’m concerned for our upcoming elections.
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Great cause and free at that. Sign up if you dare!
Will make a dog tag for this warfighter. We will honor him at the March.
True this.....
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Please support this bill to keep our homeless Reps off the cold mean streets of DC. this winter.
Dem Congressman Introduces Bill for Taxpayers to Subsidize Living Expenses for House Reps in D.C.
So are US citizens to believe that FBI agents who took all these small bribes for news and info would be above taking larger bribes to influence the outcome of a case? Very slippery slope and not a good look.
INTEL FOR SALE: Dozens of FBI Agents On The Take, Received Freebies from Reporters in Exchange for Intel
Absolutely true.
The purpose of modern immigration “journalism” is making the most common position appear as if no one holds it. That position is Xenophilic Restrictionism. Wanting immigration decreased need have nothing to do w/ populism. Nothing to do w/ xenophobia. Nothing to do w/ jingoism.