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Huh, I print one of these each year, hang it next to my monitor, and keep a push pin next to the current month. I refer to it at least once a week to figure out where in the year we are. It also indicates holidays and paydays so I have things to look forward to :)
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Because everyone knows you spell out SQL than try to pronounce it like a word... unless:
Spotify's track listing UI can be pretty useless for classical music.
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Israel's death rate is still pretty low, even though their vaccination rate is only okay now. There are still some unknowns about it's case spike, perhaps because they lifted mask mandates and such. UAE and Portugal are the most highly vaccinated countries, for comparison:
.@Ticketmaster This is the third device I've tried. I'll run out soon.
@ChickfilA Why does this happen every time I want to make an order?
@PodcastAddict Long episode titles get cut off, even in the episode details view. Could that section expand to fit long titles.
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Ceri, What is Drit?
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On your vaccine dashboard, it says 33.6% of people are vaccinated. Does the denominator include all residents or only adults 18+? Having that data broken down the way the CDC has it would be nice (this is nation-wide):
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Pressing "?" will show lots of useful keyboard shortcuts:
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Thank you! I think you have these two buttons mixed up on the site, though:
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What could go wrong?
@NoDumbQs I made the family listen to this episode on the trip down.
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Dating service for nerds: Technology Connections.