Momentum chaser. Five year rolling investment horizon + absolute returns. Here for others perspectives and their memes.

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the bigger you get, the more haters you get sometimes its deserved, but in the case of dcf you have no reason to hate a few sad ohmies out there upset their bags are heavy is my best guess
Today I learnt that folks actually believe the DCF the dumpooor meme and its starting to prevent projects from letting me invest So I just want to outline a bunch of shit to prove it's not true and just a meme from those close to me I try to be as transparent as possible:
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Bearposting is this month's version of my top theses for 2022
The fact that tech behemoths like Netflix can drop 30% in a single day tells me that crypto could easily see a 50%+ down day at some point I鈥檓 not hyper bearish but just sayin, expect the unexpected
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I'm starting to think my plan to hedge equity exposure with crypto was ill conceived
Just 20 days ago we thought $545 was a good price, now we're at $160
Pretty nice dip on $FLX. 86 mil mcap seems undervalued AF for this one. $RAI adoption is growing slowly but at a steady pace. Don't underestimate it. Do with this what you want. @reflexerfinance
What is happening to $FLX?
Sentences said by NFT buyers before sweeping
When even the floor is art.
(sorry Brent , your tweet just too close to NFT lingo 馃槄)
Could be transitory if this is due to supply chain disruptions
"Canada's inflation rate rises to new 30-year high of 4.8%"
We will know things are really bad if dcfgod changes his twete banner
Anybody who thinks this drivel is a source of concern right now for btc is missing how much changes in 3 years Extrapolating current market to what happens 10 years from now is beyond ridiculous Btc mining is profitable till btc falls below 10k usd
9 out of 10 people holding #bitcoin still have NO IDEA that $btc security is continuously weakening. "Yea I heard that the block reward is getting smaller, but fees are replacing it, right?" No, not right! Some updated data on btc security: 1/馃У
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Just in case your home address wasn't already leaked by Ledger
Powering the Web3 revolution with @Ledger. Discover the #FendiXLedger collection, unveiled on the #FendiFW22 men鈥檚 runway.
I'm not sure most of CT believes in BTC anymore. That seems very pre-defi. There's currently a race to every alt-L1 with lower fees, regardless of decentralization, that allows users to play, mint, trade, lend and invest.
I think one large problem with CT is most of us believe in $BTC and it doesn't allow many to be objective at the times it's most crucial. Like the last two months. The other is that many larp as intellectuals but can't grasp basic fundamentals of economics鈥
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These predictions Always comes from the most unexpected people lol
I firmly expect oil to hit $300 a barrel before this is over. And that might be optimistic. The writing is on the wall.鈥
Don't worry folks They're using it for collateral to go leverage long
馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 馃毃 7,000 #BTC (300,027,358 USD) transferred from #Xapo to #Binance鈥
So its true, everyone is writing about the ve(3,3). Does that mean you're too late? No and here's why 馃У猡碉笍
ve(3,3) could change DeFi forever. @andrecronje, @danielesesta, and @FantomFDN have banded together to create a new, secretive, and highly anticipated project. Here's a thread of everything we know (and some speculation) on the protocol: Also, how to play the trade: 馃У馃憞
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its simple: middle curve: yes you're late, you are someone's kp3r liquidity left of curve: ape in and take the chance. which one are you, anon?
Staked eth can be withdrawn after the burning is in full effect
PSA: The next Ethereum fork, named Bellatrix, will merge the current chain with the new PoS beacon chain. This fork will NOT enable withdrawals from the beacon chain, expect staked Ether withdraws to be enabled about six months after the merge.
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Ouch I mean, he sells a newsletter primarily catered to bitcoin longs He's getting paid to provide confirmation bias
鈥淩etail drives macro cycles鈥
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Valuations matter
You are paying up front for that scenario, FYI. I.e. it's quite plausible that Tesla becomes the world's largest car company and the stock ends up 50% lower.
If there was any doubt as to where all the volume was headed. Dani + AC attracting the flows
2nd day in a row @SpookySwap shows itself in top 3 among all DEXs 馃挭