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Go #GETTR non of this BS sensorship.
Twitter thinks @joekent16jan19 is wrong so they locked his account & are demanding a forced confession of guilt to get it back. He’s not wrong. Here’s the tweet. Do you see anything wrong with it?
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🚨 Twitter locks account of Congressional candidate @joekent16jan19. Good thing we have GETTR:…
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The revolutionary Left is an enemy of history and memory.
Anti-Covid passport protesters in New York City were removed by police from the Museum of Natural History. A young, crying black girl with her family was among them. Video by @ScooterCasterNY:
MTG telling it like it is 🔥 Fauci lied‼️ People died‼️
Funny what are the afraid of?
Just saw this meme and thought it was perfect. I like the top two.. should be live, love and Laugh. Here to your science comment.
After watching Don’t Look Up, I’m going into 2022 like…
Haha its okay because the leadership set up a shit patrol? 🤣🤣🤣Can't even make this stuff up. It was once a great place to visit.
Lololol! OMG isn’t that insane? Lol
What about the unvaccinated emps from Maderna and Pfizer or congress? Haha people still not understanding the bs yet? Definitely coercion a foot!!!
A threat? A warning? Coercion? From the White House? Proof of intent?🤔 Got it...
Ding Dong! Vaccines are a business! Healthy people are not good for the pharma business... Eeeehhh yeah go get one more shot... it'll work this time. Idiots!
‼️NEW: Cornell University goes remote after reporting over 900 COVID cases this week, VP for University Relations Joel Malina says "virtually every case” has been found in fully-vaccinated students, many of whom received the booster shot‼️
Clearly a health nut
Health Minister?😂😂😂! Is that possible?
Haha what happened to omi?
ISRAEL will start using "anti terror technology", to track people infected with a Chi-vi variant. . *Maybe AMERICA is next. . . *(see also the destruction of the US Constitution)…
What about dead people?
Voting is VERY easy. For ANYONE who can prove they are who they say they are. Y'know... citizens.
Haha like the word "caution", too funny! If you call it something else the tax-paying folks getting ripped off might feel better??? @GavinNewsom ABC has an open-door policy, please go in and take what you want. ABC news says it's okay...
If an "expert" says something, the opposite is probably true. That's where we are.
I feel sorry for this miserable woman. @MaryLemanski - men, women, and children at a Christmas parade? You should really go seek help.
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the party of tolerance, acceptance, and unity. RE: crazy black guy driving into a parade of innocent people and children “It was probably just self-defense” @MaryLemanski fully representing the Democratic Party.…
He should be in jail
There! I fixed it! 😂😂😂
Great make Americans less competitive? Lower the expectation? The world has to be laughing there butts off as the democrat virus destroys the country from within.
Hippocratic oath?
So... Colorado Governor Polis (Dickhead) says Hospitals do not have to treat the Unvaxxed. I would imagine that Ambulance Companies and Dispachers will now have to ask if say a heart attack victim is vaxxed to determine if they should even be picked up! BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!
Lol Biden build back better? Getting everyone fired right before the holidays??? This is a smoke screen for passing the 3T fraud package.@GOP @GOPLeader @RSLC Guys nothing to say about federalCOVID over-reach??? Unemployment and GDP dip caused by no holiday shopping? God help us!
Biden's mishandling of COVID has caused millions of our best workers to quit their jobs. The "Great Resignation," as it's being called, should be by the occupant of the White House, who lacks the mental capacity to do his job. #COVID #VaccineMandates…
Lets go Brandon!
Even though it's on camera, MSNBC questions whether Biden fell asleep at the UN climate change conference 😂😂😂 Folks, you can't make this stuff up