Finally, validation that much of the neurodivergent experience is pretty much an unending loop of processing possible scenarios while drowning in internalized self-doubt. This #WhatToSayNext book is going to help so many people. #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAcceptanceMonth
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Oh man, even that bit about just being able to reply "I'm tired" and not realising the depth of what was beneath that- that describes so much of my teen life: coming home, parents ask what's wrong, and I couldn't put it in any other words than "tired".

Apr 7, 2021 路 5:17 PM UTC

The last paragraph on the right.... The work journal. One of the absolute more important things Sarah ever did. Was a way to put something in a place to analyze later without it overwhelming her brain when she couldn't afford the distraction.
That's such a good idea. I'll definitely try it out when furlough ends & I'm back at work. After a year apart, there's bound to be some adjustment time when we all start working together again, and this sounds like a good tool to help navigate that.