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some green, few big greens on cmc. is this #altseason people talked about^^
30% annualized premium on the #BTC-27MAR20 future on #deribit thats pretty crazy. selling #options has a high premium in this environment 馃憖
1.1bn OI on #bitmex #xbtusd this is ridicoulous. also 21% premium on the BTC-MAR27 future on #deribit (and all other platforms about the same) I would definitely not go into a long here
#deribit's btc mar future is at an 18.6% annualized premium. not sure if I have ever seen something like that. why would you not lock that in
thats a risk free guaranteed 3% return over two months. in fiat not in btc terms. the market can become even more crazy yeah thats the reason why calling tops is a difficult business but I would not long here
cant remember when i have last seen this low Open Interest on bitmex, 666 mio usd only
whatever it means though..^^